Interview with Daniel Stöckel

Daniel Stöckel CNC Specialist for the operation of turning and milling machining centres
With WEISS since 2010

Daniel Stöckel has worked at WEISS since 2010. He is a CNC specialist for the operation of turning and milling machining centres. Alongside this, he is training as a certified technician at evening school and has been a training officer in the field of metal technology since April 2017.

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How did you end up at WEISS?

After my training, I found out about WEISS through my aunt. As a long-term employee, she recommended the company to me as an employer with good and fair working conditions.

What is your area of responsibility?

I work in the CNC turning shop. I mainly turn CR700 plates for our heavy duty tables. Different kinds of bar work and tool management are also part of the job. Alongside this, I am also currently training to be a certified technician at evening school.

What inspires you about WEISS?

I am passionate about WEISS, because I get to work with many nice colleagues, and I really enjoy my work. We have a very good working environment and I work in a very strong team that functions perfectly together. For this reason I enjoy going to work and feel very comfortable here; it's that simple.

How important is teamwork at WEISS?

Teamwork is very important in my working situation. We work in a 3-shift operation, because we have to rely on each other to guarantee smooth operation. In addition, as a younger employee, you rely on the expertise of long-term employees being passed on, and this works very well at WEISS! I greatly benefit from the experiences of “older” colleagues, especially when turning large parts. This has the advantage that you learn the trade quickly, and also that you feel well received when you join the company.

What do you look forward to when you go to work in the morning?

When I leave the house in the morning, I am always happy to know that I have a job that I still enjoy and with which I can identify. Of course, I also look forward to working with my colleagues. If there is a good atmosphere in the team, then it is much easier to find solutions together. I create the basis for a good, high-quality product together with my colleagues in the turning shop. This is another thing that I am proud of and another reason why I like working at WEISS.

Daniel Stöckel, thank you very much for the interview.